Free Campsites in Trabzon!

Free Campsites in Trabzon!
Trabzon is one of the rare cities of the Black Sea with its natural beauties.  Cool plateaus are among the most preferred camping areas for camping enthusiasts. These camping areas are the right places where you can wake up with a sea view and catch the calmness and peace in the greenery. We have compiled some free campsites in Trabzon for you.

Lapazan Plateau

It is very difficult to reach the plateau in the Maçka district of Trabzon without a vehicle. The air is clean and cool and with its natural view, it gives you a pleasure to forget the crowds of the city.  You can also enjoy Lapazan Plateau by taking nature walks. However, you should go here knowing that there is no facility where you can meet any of your needs. 1122

Cherry Plateau

It is located near Gürgenağaç village of Maçka district of Trabzon. The plateau, which is a favourite of many campers like Lapazan Plateau, has an altitude of 1850 and unlike Lapazan, you can find some social facilities here. There is an asphalt road until Gürgenağaç village and after reaching the village, you can reach the plateau very easily with your car by crossing the 7 km dirt road. It is even possible to find vehicles carrying passengers in summer. 

You can hunt delicious trout in the ice-cold stream flowing through the plateau and multiply your camping pleasure by making grass skiing. Especially in the 3rd week of July, 'Ayeser Festivities' increase the interest in the plateau.

Uzungol Karester Plateau

When it comes to Trabzon, the first thing that comes to mind is Uzungöl. If you want to see Uzungol from the top, you should definitely visit Karester Plateau. Karester plateau is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the view.  As you go up to the plateau, the curving roads, steep slopes, Uzungöl, which is getting smaller and smaller, will increase your admiration and amazement. The camping area on the plateau can be reached from the coastal road or by minibus.  You can find a grocery store in the region, but if you want to protect your budget, our advice is to do your shopping in the city centre and set off. You can meet your toilet and electricity needs from the facilities in the region.

Şolma Plateau

The distance to the city centre is 29 kilometres and it takes about 30 minutes by car. To reach the plateau, when you see the sign of Sevinç Village before coming to the centre of Maçka, you need to enter to the right and then you need to come to Sorsi Bosphorus. Then you need to turn left at the junction point and pass Uçarsu and Çukuryayayla.

The plateau is covered with spruce forests and is 700 m above the sea. The plateau covered with spruce forests and forests with rich vegetation on the slopes of Kulin Mountain is a wonder of nature. You can enjoy the marvellous view of the plateau with its alpine meadows covered with grasses and streams flowing with ice-cold water. Located above Yeşiylyurt Village, the plateau has facilities such as grocery store, restaurant, greengrocer, butcher, country café where you can meet your needs. But it is not possible to meet your shower facility.

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