Boztepe or Mount Minthrion is a hill in Turkey where Trabzon is located. It is located 3 kilometers from Trabzon city center. Değirmendere Valley is located at the exit of Boztepe. Kaymaklı Neighborhood occupies the periphery of Boztepe Hill.

The region has been important in religious expression since ancient times.[1] There are four sacred fountains in Boztepe.

The pinnacle of St. John in the Sanctifier is near. There is a mosque on the site that used to be a 19th century church. The church may have replaced a shelter for Mithras, which may be the source of the name Minthrion.[2]
Kaymaklı Monastery is known as the milk fountain.[3]
Skylolimne is a dry lake that no longer draws.[4]
Dragon Fountain (Δράκοντπήάσον) Hoşoğlan village is a drain.[2] According to Ioannis Lazaropoulos' "Logos" on St. Hagios Evgenios, II. Alexios killed his warriors.
Panagia Theoskepastos Monastery
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